Sunday, March 1, 2009


For those who would like to add their voice to the call for justice for Dawn Rowan, Lindsay Tanner is appearing on Q&A on the ABC this week (Thursday night 9.25 pm), and viewers are encouraged to submit their own questions. If there are enough asking the question, perhaps it might be put to the Minister on air. You can submit a question by going to

There is a space type in your question. Don't forget to add your name and town at the bottom of the question (best to keep it all short, even though you have 200 words) then fill in your name, email address, phone number and State. Use your own words.

It can be as simple as "Wouldn't you agree that 24 years is way too long for someone to wait for justice, in this wonderful country of Australia? The right thing to do is to waive Dawn Rowan's debt to the Commonwealth. This woman has suffered long enough because of FALSE allegations leveled against her."

Gary Heard wrote "Why is it that the minister has waived a taxation debt of a (well-resourced) former Governor-General, yet has not waived the debt of Dawn Rowan, a pioneer in the Women's Refuge movement, whose debt emerges from a successful fight to clear her name which was muddied by unfounded allegations in a government report? She has waited for justice for 24 years. Minister Jenny Macklin has recommended this action... why the wait?"

The timing is important. Lindsay Tanner has indicated that a decision is near. Weight of voices is Dawn's best asset at this point.

You can check out Dawn's story by visiting

Thanks Gary!

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