Sunday, July 19, 2009


Please, everyone, keep up the pressure on Lindsay Tanner

Hon. Lindsay Tanner
Minister for Finance

20th July 2009

Dear Mr Tanner

You will have noticed Jimmy Carter's recent article on equality/justice for women. In the light of his comments, I refer yet again to the plight of a true Australian, whose desire has only been to help people in need.

Dawn Rowan's compassion for victims of domestic abuse led to her being falsely accused.

Since the courts declared her innocent, the Federal Government has bankrupted her!


Dawn is an intelligent, once-energetic Australian who wanted to make a difference.

Jenny Macklin apparently understood that when she recommended to you a waiver of Dawn's 'alleged' debt to the Commonwealth.

Almost fifteen months later we are still awaiting your decision. Dawn is barely existing while trying to eke out an existence occasionally lecturing at a TAFE on domestic violence.

Please! Do I have to alert those World Elders of this case? Her story is attracting critical attention around the world. Comments from non- Australians about 'How can this happen in a modern democracy?' etc. are embarrassing.

I anxiously await your response.


(Rev.) Janice R Croucher
(a once-proud Australian).

PS 1. Are there any women on the panel you have appointed to advise you you on this matter?

2. Do they/you intend to act with integrity by personally interviewing Dawn and her legal advisor?