Monday, March 9, 2009


Here's a letter I've just sent online to the Prime Minister. You can adapt it and send one in just a few minutes, via this site -



Dear Mr Rudd

Let me introduce myself: I was Tim and Peter Costello's pastor during their teenage years. How they're so different having listened to my preaching (sometimes about social justice) beats me!

I'm writing about DAWN ROWAN. I understand you're aware of this travesty of justice which has been going on for nearly 24 years.

At every stage of the court processes her innocence has been affirmed.

===>>> But the Commonwealth is wanting to bankrupt her, and take her home. Her crime? Helping 'battered women' and their children in a Women's Refuge in Adelaide, which for some inscrutable reason attracted the ire of ministers of the crown in the SA and Federal parliaments!!!

Please, please, confirm Jenny Macklin's recommendation to waive her debt to the Commonwealth, and urge your colleague Lindsay Tanner to do it soon.

Thank you!


Yours faithfully

(Rev. Dr.) Rowland Croucher
Home phone: 03 9729 2517 .

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