Thursday, February 19, 2009


Here's a good letter, sent today by one of Dawn's supporters. Note that it is brief and courteous.

Feel free to borrow some of these ideas, and re-hash them in your own words...

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Dear Mr Tanner,

I am aware that you are close to making a decision in relation to the recommendation from Minister Jenny Macklin to waive the debt in relation to Dawn Rowan. I know that you are familiar with this case, and seek to remind you once again of the significant human cost which Dawn has borne for the 24 years since this fight to clear her name from baseless accusations began. In recent days she too has been joined in the fight against fires in the St Andrews area where her home is located. While we now recognise the great value of women's shelters in our community, it is ironic that one of the founders of the movement still fights against powers which she cannot hope to match. Where will she find shelter and hope from all that has assailed her for these 24 years.

I respectfully urge you to waive this debt, and to not prolong the time in doing so. Dawn's suffering has been immense, at immense personal cost, and as a result of her reduced capacity to work, so has our community's loss been added to it.

Your government has been active in seeking to address the suffering arising from the recent bushfires and in seeking to reduce the deleterious impact of the global economic situation on Australians. In the face of Dawn Rowan there is an opportunity to show that this compassion has a personal touch.

You continue to be held in our prayers in the face of the many and important responsibilities which are yours.

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