Thursday, March 5, 2009

So we were wrong/optimistic about the ABC TV's Q&A program mentioning Dawn Rowan.

Yes, as my first option suggested, 66 online submissions about Dawn Rowan were not sufficient. See the 66 submissions here...

None of the major media outlets (except Channel 7 Adelaide) or newspapers will touch the story (or, last week, even a letter from Julian Burnside QC to the Age, then the Herald-Sun about the case). But this week Dawn's local paper, the Diamond Valley Leader had a letter and picture about Dawn...

As she often says: 'If you don't believe in conspiracies you're being irresponsible!'

===>>> Thanks to supporters of Dawn who submitted something. It was a significant exercise. Lindsay Tanner's people would have collated them all before the show. It all helps...

Remember the bit where The Opinion Editor for The Australian, Rebecca Weisser, began talking about a lady we're all persecuting, and Tony Jones quickly interjected 'which lady?' (it was the CEO of the clothing company)... Interesting, that reaction...

===>>> If Lindsay Tanner doesn't act before Holy Week, we'll be encouraging friends to attend the vigil outside his downtown Melbourne office.

And if you want a very interesting speaker for your church/friends' group Dawn's quite a brilliant communicator.

Watch this space!


Meanwhile, here's an interesting email from one of Dawn's supporters to his local Member of Parliament:

The issues surrounding the Dawn Rowan saga are at the very centre of what many claim as our democratic system. Those issues are government not acting outside of powers, courts truly acting independently of government, and political representatives acting in the best interests of the people
(the electors) rather than any political party, or any powerful self-interest entity, such as the media. With the Dawn Rowan saga all of the above are under question.

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