Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Thanks to all who wrote to Lindsay Tanner encouraging him to concur with Jenny Macklin's recommendation.

Here's his response:

16/06/2008, at 11:02 AM, Tanner, Lindsay (MP) wrote:

Dear _ _ _ _

Thank you for your email in support of Ms Dawn Rowan, requesting that I waive her debt to the Commonwealth.

I am aware of the history and circumstances of Ms Rowan's case and that a number of representations have been made on her behalf both to the previous Government and this Government.

There are a number of steps still to be undertaken before I can make a decision with respect to Ms Rowan's waiver request, including provision of advice from the relevant Government agencies and from Ms Rowan herself. Upon receipt of this information, I will be in a position to make an informed decision.

I appreciate your concerns and thank you for raising this matter with me.

Yours sincerely

Lindsay Tanner


Rowland's comment: My instinct is that we now leave this with Mr. Tanner and (for those of you who pray) with God. The chances of a waiver? All we can say is that it would not be in the Government's interests for two of its ministers to publicly differ on this matter!

Monday, June 2, 2008


3rd June 2008

Dear friends (from Dawn),

I have now received correspondence from Lindsay Tanner's office consisting of an Application for Waiver of Debt (about 9 pages!).

This is a major step forward.

However here are some questions I'm working through at the moment:

* Does a 'debt waiver' legitimize the 'debt'? Justice would require that the notion of 'indebtedness' be removed from my records...

* Is a 'waiving of the debt' equivalent to an annulment of all record of bankruptcy, which I would need to have done to clear my name?

* And what about the million-and-a-half dollars I'm out of pocket as an innocent person, pursued brutally by the Howard Government, in particular, doing 'whatever it takes' to destroy me?

* I've been delighted with the kindness expressed by Jenny Macklin and her staff. In 22 years of personal agony I've never been treated with any respect and concern... until now.

* More good news: The Adelaide newspaper The Independent Weekly has published a brilliant article in last Friday's (30th June) edition on the whole saga. We can't find the story on their website yet: it will probably appear later this week. (Could someone please send it by email to me at dawn.rowan[at] and to Rowland at rccroucher[at] . Thanks. We'll get it on to the blog asap.)

* If you haven't written to Lindsay Tanner's office encouraging him in this process, please send an email to him at .

We'll keep you all posted!


Dawn Rowan