Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Dear friends,

Thanks to all who have submitted questions to ABC TV's Q&A moderators about Dawn Rowan. Minister of Finance Lindsay Tanner, as you will know, is the person who has the 'last word' on Dawn's fate: a judgment he has intimated he will deliver 'soon'.

As of 11 pm Wednesday evening (March 4) there were 52 questions on the Q&A website about Dawn Rowan - more than on any other topic. It will be interesting to see if/how Q&A addresses this social justice issue tonight.

As those of us close to Dawn reviewed the possibilities, they seem to include:

1. The ABC will ignore the issue, possibly advised by their lawyers to follow this course of action as the ABC was one of the four parties which appealed the original judgment affirming Dawn's innocence. Or they will stick to safemacro-economic questions.


2. Tony Jones will say something like 'Mr. Tanner. We've had more email submissions about someone called Dawn Rowan for tonight's program than about any other topic. Dawn Rowan: what's that all about?'

Mr Tanner then has two options, it would seem:

2A: TYPICAL POLITICIAN'S EVASIVE RESPONSE: 'It's a very complex question, and there's a lot of misinformation out there about this case. I am about to make a judgment on it soon, so it is not appropriate for me to go into the matter any further here.'


2B: COURAGEOUS/COMPASSIONATE POLITICIAN'S RESPONSE: 'Yes, it's been going on too long. I am about to make a judgment on it, and I think Dawn Rowan will be satisfied with what I decide. Mind you, any judgment in favour of Dawn Rowan - whose innocence in all this I affirm, and for whom I feel deeply sorry for her having to fight the Commonwealth for so long - any judgment will be made against much of the advice I'm receiving from legal and bureaucratic sources...'

Anyone wanna bet on these - or any other - outcomes???

Watch at 9.25 pm tonight (Thursday) - see for more, including the questions submitted by many of you...

And thanks again everyone for your participation and prayers...

Rowland Croucher

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