Saturday, October 3, 2009


From Dawn yesterday (2nd October 2009):

"I have in my hand a 'Certificate of Annulment', dated 12 Aug 09, (letter dated 25th Sept 09).

I understand this means that the bankruptcy is 'dead in the water'.

We've also had a verbal commitment from the Minister that the debt to the Commonwealth of Australia is waived although this is yet to be confirmed in writing."

We'll keep you up to date with developments.

After a quarter of a century we're hopefully coming to the end of this saga: thanks everyone for your support, emails, petition signatures, attendance at vigils etc.

===>>> If you'd like to help 'bless' Dawn (who's still broke and in debt) with a decent month-long holiday, please send gifts (tax-deductible for Australians) to Well-Being Australia (BSB: 063 191 Account 1012 2484): email me ( a copy of the transaction, and I'll send a receipt for your tax file. Or you can post a cheque to WBA: email me for the address.

Thanks again!

Rowland Croucher


Tony Adams said...

Good news! A credit to your perseverance and a model for all of us. tony.

Mrs. Webfoot said...

You may want to moderate your comment section. The sex slavers are leaving links to their websites.