Monday, June 2, 2008


3rd June 2008

Dear friends (from Dawn),

I have now received correspondence from Lindsay Tanner's office consisting of an Application for Waiver of Debt (about 9 pages!).

This is a major step forward.

However here are some questions I'm working through at the moment:

* Does a 'debt waiver' legitimize the 'debt'? Justice would require that the notion of 'indebtedness' be removed from my records...

* Is a 'waiving of the debt' equivalent to an annulment of all record of bankruptcy, which I would need to have done to clear my name?

* And what about the million-and-a-half dollars I'm out of pocket as an innocent person, pursued brutally by the Howard Government, in particular, doing 'whatever it takes' to destroy me?

* I've been delighted with the kindness expressed by Jenny Macklin and her staff. In 22 years of personal agony I've never been treated with any respect and concern... until now.

* More good news: The Adelaide newspaper The Independent Weekly has published a brilliant article in last Friday's (30th June) edition on the whole saga. We can't find the story on their website yet: it will probably appear later this week. (Could someone please send it by email to me at dawn.rowan[at] and to Rowland at rccroucher[at] . Thanks. We'll get it on to the blog asap.)

* If you haven't written to Lindsay Tanner's office encouraging him in this process, please send an email to him at .

We'll keep you all posted!


Dawn Rowan

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BonnieLass said...

Dawn has mentioned the cost of defending herself in the courts, but on another money issue, I understand there's also an outstanding amount still legally due to her within the current framework of the case, from either the SA or Federal government (and ordered by a High Court), that was never paid to her?? Even if she WAS indebted (which I don't think she is) that amount would more than cover the "debt". We all pay our bills. What happens when a state or federal governement is ordered by a High or Supreme Court to pay something to an individual, & it's not paid? Can an invoice be issued?