Sunday, May 4, 2008


A statement released a few days ago by Dawn's lawyer, in response to a Leader journalist's question. (More details will be posted here if anything unfolds):

'It may be that Minister Macklin has misunderstood what Dawn requested
of the Government. Dawn has not asked for the Secretary of the
Department to not pursue her for the legal costs that she owes - that
would have been pointless as the Department has already pursued her to
the limits of the law. Dawn was, after all, recently made bankrupt at
the request of the Commonwealth Government.

Rather, what Dawn asks is that the Minister intervenes and uses the
powers that the government has under S.34 of the Financial Management
and Accountability Act to now waive that debt. Dawn's supporters have
been advised by the Govt that the Finance Minister would only act on a
recommendation from the relevant Minister, i.e. Jenny Macklin.

This is a source of enormous frustration for Dawn, because both the
former and current governments have not even acknowledged that they do
in fact have the power in their hands to assist her.'

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