Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Dear (Australian) friends,

On behalf of Dawn Rowan's Support Group, I'm asking a small favour from everyone of you as we reach the end of the campaign for justice for her:

1. Find your local Federal member of parliament (House of Representatives and Senate) from these lists:



2. Send them a copy of the letter below, with a personal note from you expressing your amazement that this can go on for thirty years!!!, and urging them to intervene/advocate for Dawn with Hon. Gary Gray to make a generous Act of Grace payment.

Thanks everyone (oh, and email me any responses you get).


More: http://jmm.aaa.net.au/articles/4728.htm


To: The Hon. Gary Gray AO MP 25 January, 2011
Special Minister of State

Dear Minister Gray

I am writing as the convenor of supporters of Ms. Dawn Rowan.

Within the next fortnight I understand from your staff that you will be receiving a submission concerning Ms Dawn Rowan’s Act of Grace payment application.

It will detail the horrendous history of this case, which began in 1981, in which individuals and politico-legal entities have persecuted an innocent woman. The Christies’ Beach Women’s Shelter she led was defunded by the South Australian and Federal Governments due to false allegations against Dawn. She won the subsequent defamation and misfeasance (abuse of public office) case against the S.A. Government, the courts finding her innocent of every charge. The Supreme Court of S.A. determined it to be a ‘shocking defamation’.

Yet, perversely, costs to the value of Dawn’s home were awarded against her! As the proven innocent victim of government slander, she was the only one left with a debt!

You will be aware of the subsequent events: bankruptcy; later annulment of bankruptcy by Hon. Lindsay Tanner; Minister Jenny Macklin’s recommendation of a waiver of Dawn Rowan’s alleged ‘debt’ to the Commonwealth, and now, finally, an Act of Grace application in which her financial, professional and emotional deprivation and suffering will be acknowledged. She spent more than $1.5 million defending herself over 20 years of court hearings.

When Australian citizens/tax-payers have learned that an eight-figure sum of their money has been wasted prosecuting this case against an innocent woman (not to mention the astonishing fact that five Government departments destroyed or mislaid relevant documents relating to the case) they have been demanding some answers.

I want to pay tribute to Ministers Jenny Macklin and Lindsay Tanner, who have acted honourably and with integrity in the penultimate stages of this saga.

I encourage you to be generous in ascertaining and awarding a just and adequate payment as compensation for the suffering all this has caused Dawn Rowan.

I am happy to be contacted by phone or email if further information is required.

Yours faithfully,

(Rev. Dr.) Rowland Croucher

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