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Just sent [Sunday April 5th] to people on Dawn Rowan's support-list. Email me at rccroucher[at] if you'd like your name added to that list.

Dear friends,

Thanks to the many here who have written to Federal ministers,
especially Lindsay Tanner, on behalf of Dawn Rowan, and included details
about Dawn's plight in your Blogs, Church Bulletins etc.

The time has come to accelerate the action, and I'm asking for your help. This morning almost all the East Doncaster Baptist people (where Dawn worships), signed a petition to the House of Representatives we're making available to churches and other groups. If you're able to encourage people - Australian citizens - to participate in this, please email me, and I'll send the petition as a Word attachment for you to print off copies. We have a couple of weeks to get names and signatures. A good and noble act of compassion for Easter! (See below for more).

You would all be most welcome at the Vigil... Details below...

Here's an 'email-out' just sent to Dawn's supporters:


Well, the week of our Vigil to urge the Commonwealth - especially Finance Minister Lindsay Tanner - to act, has come: from 6.30 am Thursday morning April 9th until about 8.30 Good Friday morning several hundred of us will participate in a respectful Vigil outside Mr. Tanner's office.

Address: Corner King and Little Lonsdale Streets, in downtown Melbourne.

===>>> In today's Sunday Age there's a little story which made me jealous. Nine women, four men, four children and a small white dog visited Peter Costello's office to protest about Climate Change. They had given 24-hours' notice they'd be doing that (we've given Mr Tanner several weeks' warning). These people wanted to go in and hand Mr. Costello some black balloons and a letter. And guess what! Three federal police and two Victorian police officers showed up and barred their way.
After 'protracted negotiations' the group was allowed to pass on the balloons and letter to Mr. Costello's staff!

Why was I jealous? Well, that story got into The Age: nothing about Dawn Rowan has scored a story in The Age in two decades! (But one Age reporter has promised to cover the Vigil).

So would someone like to invite various police-persons to our Vigil if we can get a major newspaper to take some notice of Dawn's 24-year fight for justice? We're not even planning to meet Mr. Tanner (well, not this time).


===>>> Simply turn up, with your friends, and ask someone with a
'Justice for Dawn Rowan' badge who the team captain is. You'll be
invited to register by taking a badge and putting your Christian name on
it (and your email address on the back, if we need to contact anyone/
everyone afterwards).

The Captains: Rob Perkins (6.30 am Thursday to 12 noon), Chris Page
(12 noon to 6 pm), Gary Heard (6 pm to midnight), Jim Reiher and for
part of the time, Craig Campbell (midnight to 8.30 am Good Friday). Dawn
Rowan will be coming and going the whole time - as will my wife Jan and
myself. The Vigil ends with hot cross buns and coffee/tea and a short
Good Friday service at the Eighth Day (Baptist) Community - a couple of
minutes up the road (thanks Gary Heard and friends).

How will you be invited to help? Giving out leaflets (10,000 are being
printed), asking people to sign a petition (to the House of Reps, and
possibly also the Senate), talking with people (please brush up on the
story at, and the Channel 7 videos on ).

(And, by the way, if anyone wants to make a tax deductible donation,
email me: the Vigil-specific expenses will be about $1000).

Are we breaking the law doing this? No: the Melbourne City Council
spokeswoman told me we're OK so long as we're civil and don't impede
pedestrian traffic. (Promising to be civil, we're encouraging crazy
radicals or evangelists to help us by staying away :-) !

What to bring? Maybe fold-up chair, warm clothes (forecasts: Thursday 10-23, Friday 12-26, both days fine), big umbrella, sense of
humour and/or adventure (!), candles in something to prevent them
blowing out in the wind, a biro that works, and a desire to help someone
who's been battling 'The Powers' for too long. Don't bring banners:
we're having some printed.


Email me for a copy (Word attachment) of the petition for Australians. You may copy it (but with no alterations, otherwise it's
void). Every page has to be the same (but of course with different names
and signatures). Addresses? Optional these days, apparently. Please
invite your friends/neighbours/enemies/church members etc. to add their
name and signature. Then post them to me (the postal address is on the
form) by *April 22nd*.

Thanks everyone! I'll be in touch after Easter...

Shalom/Salaam/Pax! Rowland Croucher

*Justice for Dawn Rowan* -

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