Monday, November 10, 2008

IT'S TIME to resume lobbying Lindsay Tanner

Dear friends of Dawn Rowan (who are also friends of justice and compassion),

We've been withholding pressure on Minister Lindsay Tanner to give him 'space' to deal with this issue without the distraction of answering many emails...

Unfortunately, he and his department have obviously been gobsmacked by the financial crisis, and Dawn Rowan's file has probably slipped under a pile of others.

===>>> It's time to resume lobbying for Dawn. I've talked with her today, and she's increasingly devastated by the terrible weight of this protracted process. Her lawyer is doing a brilliant job of advocacy on her behalf. Two Sundays ago a group of us, her close friends, helped repair her home.

Dawn would dearly love to resume her counselling practice without all this hanging over her: her home is ideally suited for that purpose, and those of us who are in the counselling business know there's a great need for a helping hand-and-heart for those in dire need.


So please write - in your own words - to Lindsay Tanner. His email address: . You could emphasize that

* Justice and compassion demands a waiver of 'financial debt' to the Commonwealth

* Minister Jenny Macklin has - several months ago - sent him a recommendation to this effect

* All of the legal proceedings against Dawn have unanimously declared her innocent

* No doubt many of the people in the Canberra bureaucracy are being asked to reverse their stance on this matter: which would be hard for a minister to over-ride (unless he has real courage, and 'a heart')

* Please - soon - bring this matter to a dignified close and do the right thing by an innocent person, whose only goal throughout her adult life has been help people we call the 'underdog'.


Thanks everyone!

This has surely been one of the most amazing miscarriages of justice by elected governments in modern Australian history.

More *here*, if you'd like to 'brush up' on this saga:


* TV Channel 7 video -

* The story -


On behalf of Dawn's many friends,


(Rev. Dr.) Rowland Croucher

Justice for Dawn Rowan


Here's one person's letter, fired off within minutes of reading this:

Dear Mr Tanner

I felt privileged this past weekend to be in Canberra for the National
Parliamentary Prayer Breakfast, and was especially encouraged by the
presence and participation of the leaders of the three main parties - Mr
Rudd, Mr Turnbull and Mr Truss.

We were challenged by the presentation of Mama Maggie from Cairo, and by
Imam Mohammed and Pastor James Waye from Nigeria, as we were confronted by
the injustices that are rampant in their parts of the world.

They made me realise that similar injustice is present in our own country,
and that is why I am writing to you about Dawn Rowan. I have had contact by
correspondence on the subject, most recently with Jenny Macklin who, I
understand, sent a recommendation to you to the effect that justice and
compassion really do demand the waiver of what has been called a financial
debt by Ms Rowan to the Commonwealth.

As you will be aware, all legal proceedings against Dawn have unanimously
declared her to be innocent, and I am aware that she continues to live under
great stress, and longs to return to her helping profession as a counsellor.

I realise the pressures you have been under in recent days with the global
economic crisis, and its consequence for your own portfolio, but I would be
so very grateful if you could do whatever is possible to see that justice is
done, and genuine compassion shown, in this sad case which has dragged on
for so long.

With grateful thanks in anticipation for your help, and with kind regards,

David Cohen
Rev David M.S. Cohen


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