Sunday, December 2, 2007


Here's a letter sent by a friend to his local re-elected Labor candidate. You can use it to frame your own:

Dear _ _ _ _

First, my warm congratulations on your re-election, and particularly your
elevation as Minister for _ _ _ _ ! A huge responsibility, but one for which
you are well equipped. Like the rest of the cabinet, you will be very
busy! But it is an exciting time, with Kevin Rudd providing the sort
of leadership that is needed. God knows just how much it is needed in the
deep and complex issues our world is facing, and from the heart I say a
profound "God bless"!

In these next few days you will,of course, be swamped by the calls of
duty - which makes me hesitant in even approaching you at this time. But I
have contacted you before about this matter - the vindictive, even though
legal, pursuit of Dawn Rowan: a lady known to be innocent, but who dared to challenge the South Australian, supported by the Federal Government.

She ran Women's Refuges in Adelaide, aroused the hostility of "big wigs"
with friends in the South Australian parliament, was shamelessly defamed in
parliament - so that she took them to court for defamation, and won, with
$500,000 damages awarded.

The SA Government, supported by the Federal Government, appealed. Although Dawn won the appeal, the judges removed the liability of the Commonwealth, ABC & Channel 10 and, going against established legal precedence, ordered Dawn to pay all their costs and her own: and remember she is an innocent person!!! Surely they should have been paid by the guilty party: the Government of South Australia!!!

At this moment, all her assets are being assessed - and she will soon be declared bankrupt and stripped of her house and everything that she owns!

All it needs, I understand, is for a Minister of the Crown to say to the
bureaucrat administering this - "Hold it--pending further investigation."
Without such a stoppage, she is finished, and a terrible injustice will have
been perpetrated.

Please, can you ring/see Robert McLelland, Attorney General, and encourage
him to put it on "hold" until, in due course, the case can be re-examined.

All strength to your elbow!

_ _ _ _ (Rev)

P.S. During the legal process, the relevant files in 5 SA government departments apparently "went missing"! It was carefully planned skulduggery! And no one has been called to account for this criminal activity!!!

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