Monday, October 15, 2007


Dear friends,

Events are moving very quickly. As some aspects are confidential (due to legal toings and froings) you'll forgive me if I'm not specific at this time in those areas. Watch this space!

Here's what I think can be published here:

1. Dawn is very low, depressed, reclusive: as is perfectly understandable. I have not spoken to her in the last couple of weeks, but last week my wife Jan met her briefly, and yesterday we sent her flowers. Please pray for her.

2. The bankruptcy processes are proceeding: papers came to Dawn's (Legal Aid) lawyer in the past couple of days. A key question at the moment is: 'What further legal options are there, if any?' I'll keep you posted.

3. A small group has been formed by those of us close to Dawn to support her at this time. We met last Friday night (without Dawn, who was too ill) to update each other, and study alternative options for Dawn.

4. Even if lawyers/'hard men' like Philip Ruddock and Mal Brough (see the last blog entry) seem to think that the 'due litigation process' has to continue irrespective of the fact that we are dealing here with a real, live, breathing/crying human being, I reckon all our pollies and wannabe pollies at this election-time ought to be appraised of the manifest injustice being meted out to Dawn by the cold judicial process. (And Coalition propaganda wants us to be afraid of the 'hard men' in the Union left! How hypocritical!).

I'm a swinging voter: the bane of party politicians and pollsters. I vote for issues and people of perceived integrity. But this time I'm campaigning to vote out the Howard Government. I have five friends in the House of Reps and the Senate, and they have been unable to persuade their cold hard colleagues who are running with this bankruptcy action to desist. So I visited the local Labor Party candidate's office yesterday (first time I've ever done anything like that), and had a good talk with Mike Symon's campaign manager, promising help to get him elected in this marginal seat of Deakin. I've corresponded and lunched with the sitting Liberal Member (Phil Barresi), and also met personally with Kevin Andrews (Immigration): they did all they could, but unfortunately nothing changed.

Kevin Rudd, in his first speech as leader, vowed to reassert values of equity, sustainability, and compassion.

Let's give him and his colleagues a chance to prove it!

Over to you all to do what you can: as Julian Burnside QC has written (see his quote on this Blog): let's tell the world about this government's shabby behaviour towards an innocent person.

Thanks for your prayers and support!

Rowland Croucher

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Geraldine said...

In case Dawn believes she is alone in this, let me tell you SA is not the only state that does not have a justice conscience.

Some years ago when the SCSA handed down its first judgement on her defamation case, my lawyer e-mailed me and said Geraldine - have a look at the judgement. Substitute a few names and circumstances and it is a replica of a defamation case my husband & I have pursued since 1983.

Not only did I read the case, I printed it out - ALL of it, because the similarities were unbelievably overwhelming.. Since then I have concluded that all states have a modus operandi when they are caught out. I think the Lindeberg "Shreddergate" in Q'land is not dissimilar.

Please tell Dawn, I would be happy to be in contact with her in fact I would like to speak with her, by phone or via e-mail. People like us must stick together and support each other.

The Tasmanian DPP successfully moved in late 2006 to bankrupt my husband for costs owing. Here in Tasmania the DPP acts in both civil and criminal cases for the Crown. Yes, the criminal activity has been sponsored by Crown funding since 1983. When we attempted to expose it in the Supreme Court in 2006 all guns let loose, rabbits out of hats - hats out of rabbits - to prevent the truth about the Crown protection of criminal activity.

Dawn chin up - the one thing they can't take is your integrity. I know, sometimes that's just not enough when at the other end of life and all life's effort to do good seems to have been wasted and the wrongdoers are rewarded.